Thursday, July 7, 2011

Master bedroom FAIL

It's supposed to be this "haven" right? A nice place to relax at the end of the day. A retreat if you will. Not mine. No sirree. I need help for realz. And there is no money to be buying new stuff to redecorate. So it's a matter of rearranging, and implementing stuff we already have.

Biggest qualms- baby crap everywhere. The girls' rooms are upstairs and ours is downstairs. Seems a lot easier to keep clothes and so forth down here. At least the little one's stuff. Ok, diaper and wipes, yes. Clothes, pjs, lotion and all that? Gotta go.

The chair. I love it. I really do. It has its place here. But it gets covered in junk all the time. I think the last time I sat in it was when A was sleeping in our room, so maybe 3 months ago.

Help. Any ideas? Any cheap curtain type ideas? There are 4 windows to cover in this room. So yeah, $$$. Not sure how to go about that, or if that just isn't going to happen.

Hopefully, this post will make me really want to crack down and put all this crap away. I want this room to be nice! It is the place where we go as soon as the girls are in bed, and I want it to be nice!


  1. Our bedroom has always been a "catch all" room too. #1- I quit bringing the baby car seat in unless baby is asleep. Otherwise it stays in the car. #2- I gave Noah 2 of my drawers for his clothes. That way it is still convenient, yet out of sight. The diapers and wipes are in a woven basket on my bedside table for middle of the night changes b/c he sleeps with us or in our room. The biggest of all for us was #3- We told our kids that our bedroom is a "NO KID ZONE". They are not allowed in there. They have our entire house, they have all of ME, all the time. I wanted ONE room to myself. Just one room where toys do not come, they do not come in whining or telling on someone, if I'm putting on makeup I am not interrupted etc. If we lay on the bed and chat and they enter we say "No kid zone!" and they leave. They think it is funny. And it has worked so nicely for me. Anyway, I can't help with your need for curtains (I don't have any either) but those are a few things that worked for me.

  2. I am currently decorating our Master bedroom. You can check out the posts about it

    It's almost done!

  3. I bought a bunch of the crushed sheer white fabric when it was on sale at Joanns for 50% off(the long 5 ft bolts.) Then you just sew the top over to make a spot for the rod and leave the bottom long enough to kinda pool a little bit on the floor. Granted I only have two windows but I think it was less than $30 for my 4 panels.