Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Potty Training, Day 4

Spent about 1.5 hours this morning diaper free. Olivia insists to wear her big girl panties, and seemed to be doing ok keeping them dry. Then I hear "uh oh pepe potty you gabba panties", I hustle her over to the potty, but she's done. On with new ones. Lots of potty time. Nothing. Until she spends about 10 minutes on it, and still nothing. She gets off and runs into the living room, where 2 minutes later I hear "Uh oh. pepe potty mommy' and there is a giant puddle.

Onto naptime, and I told her after nap, we are not using diapers anymore....

I intend to stick to this today and tomorrow, then re-asses. If she is making progress, then we will keep it up, if she is not, then back to diapers and we'll try again later. No biggie!

More later...

And we are back. No diaper from 2pm-7:30pm. She only peed 2x, both on the floor after sitting on the potty for an extended time. 

no success today. And also I am now wondering if she is purposely withholding her "stuff" so she doesnt' have to go on the potty....

Question of the Day- Is my child a freak of nature?? She can hold it for a long time! Maybe it's because I am pregnant and pee every 30 minutes that I think it's weird..... or is it normal, and just a sign that she is really ready?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Potty Training, Day 3

We had a playdate this morning, so until about halfway through, we didn't do much in regards to this.

Halfway through, she says "mommy, pepe potty" and I run her in there and sit her down. Nothing. Then she asks for her panties. So on they go, with reminders to tell me when she wants to go. Random potty sitting, nothing. Lunch, milk, water, nothing. On and off the potty, books, no books, everything you can imagine. Reminders of M&Ms if she goes.

"UH OH MOMMY. PEPE POTTY!" And I go in and she is standing over it, looking down at it coming out and sort of hitting the potty. Anguished look on her face like she did something wrong. But I was so proud of her and told her, and she got pretty excited. Finished on the potty, and got her treat and sticker.

Off to nap, and I am tired. To be continued....

Potty Training, Days 1 and 2

So Olivia seems to be ready to at least try to start potty training. We are taking a laid back approach. If this week doesn't go well, we'll go back to diapers and try again later. No big deal.

We went to Target and bought training panties, and big girl panties, which she was super excited about. Also M&Ms for rewards, and a posterboard to make a sticker potty chart.

After being up a couple hours, we decided to do some naked time. We talked about what we were doing, and put potties in all the rooms we hang out in. We explained about the treats if she peed or pooped. Pretty sure she just thought she got M&Ms whenever she wanted one....

Well, we spent 20 minutes sitting and reading, and nothing. So off we went to play. She would call "mommy, pepe potty" and run and sit on the potty a few times. Never went. I went into the kitchen to do some dishes, and I heard her say it again. I ran into the living room, in case she was for real, and saw her sitting on the potty, whimpering a little. And she had gone!! Success! And I wasn't even there to encourage her! She got her M&M and all was well. Naked time continues in the playroom.

Then came the water works. She had about 3 accidents in different places around the house, and didn't make (or try) the potty again. We had her sit at times, but no go.

Back into diapers for nap, and a busy rest of the day puts a halt to our naked time.


Figured we would try naked time again for a couple hours in between all the things we had to do that day. As soon as nap was over (one hour mind you, these days...) off came the diaper and out came the potty.

We filled the kid with juice in the hopes that she would really have to go. Put her on the potty any time she seemed to want to go, or said "mommy, pepe potty." Oh, and she asked to wear her Yo Gabba panties, so we put them on her, and planned for wet ones! Nothing..... so much liquid, and nothing. Going on 1.5 hours.... need to get ready to go to a baby shower. Still nothing.

Still wearing the panties, Matt sits her on our bed to watch a movie while we get ready. And I hear "UH OH MOMMY! PEPE POTTY" I run in to see Matt holding her up with pee streaming down her leg. He puts her on the potty and she leaks a bit more, but alas, the 2 juice box incident occurs on my giant pregnancy pillow :) Oh well.

On with the diaper, and off to the shower. Tomorrow is a new day!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Oh yeah....

And I'm pregnant! By the time I am posting this, at 14 weeks, everyone already knows, but thought I would say it anyways! And the rumor is true, you do start showing a lot earlier with the second baby...

We will see this baby around the 1st of February, 2011! So excited that Olivia will be a big sister!!

Happy Fourth of July!

Well....needless to say, Olivia is not a fan of this holiday...

The only way she would stay outside and watch was clinging to Daddy and a plate of Cheetos. Maybe better luck next year!

More fun At Hatcher Dairy Farm

Olivia LOVES going to the dairy farm! We went last year and she loved it, and she loved it even more this time. What a pleasure to see where milk comes from and know that it is coming from a great local farm that treats its cows well and doesn't give them any yucky stuff!!

Happy Father's Day!

Continuing our tradition from last year, we did the DAD letters and framed them for Matt for Fathers Day. He loved it, and was so surprised we got Olivia to smile!

Just being silly