Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Potty Training, Day 4

Spent about 1.5 hours this morning diaper free. Olivia insists to wear her big girl panties, and seemed to be doing ok keeping them dry. Then I hear "uh oh pepe potty you gabba panties", I hustle her over to the potty, but she's done. On with new ones. Lots of potty time. Nothing. Until she spends about 10 minutes on it, and still nothing. She gets off and runs into the living room, where 2 minutes later I hear "Uh oh. pepe potty mommy' and there is a giant puddle.

Onto naptime, and I told her after nap, we are not using diapers anymore....

I intend to stick to this today and tomorrow, then re-asses. If she is making progress, then we will keep it up, if she is not, then back to diapers and we'll try again later. No biggie!

More later...

And we are back. No diaper from 2pm-7:30pm. She only peed 2x, both on the floor after sitting on the potty for an extended time. 

no success today. And also I am now wondering if she is purposely withholding her "stuff" so she doesnt' have to go on the potty....

Question of the Day- Is my child a freak of nature?? She can hold it for a long time! Maybe it's because I am pregnant and pee every 30 minutes that I think it's weird..... or is it normal, and just a sign that she is really ready?

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