Monday, August 30, 2010

Potty Training, Day 3

We had a playdate this morning, so until about halfway through, we didn't do much in regards to this.

Halfway through, she says "mommy, pepe potty" and I run her in there and sit her down. Nothing. Then she asks for her panties. So on they go, with reminders to tell me when she wants to go. Random potty sitting, nothing. Lunch, milk, water, nothing. On and off the potty, books, no books, everything you can imagine. Reminders of M&Ms if she goes.

"UH OH MOMMY. PEPE POTTY!" And I go in and she is standing over it, looking down at it coming out and sort of hitting the potty. Anguished look on her face like she did something wrong. But I was so proud of her and told her, and she got pretty excited. Finished on the potty, and got her treat and sticker.

Off to nap, and I am tired. To be continued....

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