Thursday, January 20, 2011

Embrace the Camera Thursday

The point of this post is that as moms, we most often are behind the camera. I got the idea from my bff Jane, on her blog. So we are supposed to get out from behind the camera, and get IN a picture. Then see who else does it that we follow, and tell them all how adorable they are :)

So here goes! As of the next couple weeks, I am sure I will be looking really pretty, and I hope I remember to actually POST this! Maybe Jane will remind me. Who doesn't need a reality check as to how a mom will be looking with a 2 year old and a newborn :)

So there we have it! In all our glory!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

38 weeks

Ugh. Really, ugh. I have been having contractions for about 3 weeks now, pretty much a couple hours every day. They aren't horrible, but they are uncomfortable. However, they have gotten me no where.

I feel ok for the most part, I'm just really big and unwieldy... for lack of a better word! Olivia has been really understanding, and will probably be really surprised when I start actually jumping up off the floor, and playing with her like I used to!

Um. cause now I make her bring toys to me on the couch, and that is how we roll.

We had a sprinkle, hosted by Katie, Christa and Andrea, and it was great!! Lots of Italian food and crazy kids running around. Christa got the flu and couldn't come, which was sad :( But she got better, and no one else got sick, so that worked out ok :)
Here is an ADORABLE outfit Andrea for Ava!! I cannot wait to see her in it!
We got our sit and stand stroller, which I was on the fence about, but now I am realllly glad we have it. We will be going to the zoo and all kinds of stuff this summer, and although Olivia doesn't ride in the stroller by herself at this time, she will not want to walk around all those kind of places 100%. Plus she may get jealous that Ava gets to ride sometimes. Here she is demonstrating it....

We are getting really excited! I am ready to meet her, and ready to not be pregnant. But she is hanging out a couple more weeks I think. It's weird to know that in a month, I will have a baby, no matter what. I will barely remember the feelings that I am feeling right now. And that's because I won't be sleeping..... at all...... akkkkkk!

By popular demand....

a cake pop tutorial. I'll do the best I can to describe what I do, and to help if you need it! Keep in mind, my inspiration for any and all of these is Bakerella!! Mine will never look like hers :(~

The basic "recipe" is this:

One boxed cake mix- prepared as 9x13 cake
Crumble naked cake up as small as possible
Mix with one can (maybe a little less) of canned frosting.


Form into balls.
I then throw mine into the freezer to firm them up before dipping.
For the owl "ears' (what are those things really??) I used white choc chips. I suppose you could mold the ball with ear shapes, but uh, not for me. So I did have to melt a few chips to make glue for the chips.
Feed your toddler cake. Vitally important step.
Dip in melted candy melts. I use Wilton cause that is what I have around here. It comes in every color imaginable. The dipping is typically the hardest part. It takes practice. You make sure the melts are totally melted and hot first of all. I do mine in the microwave cause I'm cool like that. Then place the firmed up cake ball on a stick, dip, and tap as much excess candy off as possible.

For the owls I used:

Cheerios for the eyes
Choc dipped sunflower seeds for the feet and beaks
Giant sprinkles for the wings

It was for a girl baby shower, so the pink and green worked well!

Others I have done:
 Reindeer- Red and brown M&Ms for noses, pretzels for antlers, round white sprinkles for eyes.
Santa hats- Dip the white end first, just a little bit. Let dry. Dip the red end then and add a marshmallow real quick!

Let me know if you have any questions! It's sort of labor intensive, but I think it's fun. Olivia loves helping me, and it seems to hold her attention for a long time!

Each batch makes around 4 dozen, maybe a few shy of that.


Tomorrow, I will be updating a lottttt on the blog. Christmas, final baby preparations, etc. But today, I leave you with this:

Olivia is reading her "Bible stories" :) Love this kid.