Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Starting a consignment sale

A friend of mine approached me recently about helping her to start a local kids' sale. She was looking for a place to sell her daughter's barely worn clothes, and it seems that a lot of the local sales do not take "cheaper" brands. She we started our own!

It will be Saturday February 13, and will be here at my house, in our shop out back. I am super excited about it, and hope to make some $$ and get rid of a lot of things for a lot of people!

Helping mom

Olivia cooks, and cleans! Or wait, she hides, makes messes, and cleans. Either way, it's cute!

Friday, January 1, 2010

And to start the New Year...

Strep for the baby. She has not moved from the couch for 2 days. It's the most awful thing I have ever experienced as a mother. She doesn't even fuss, she just lays there. It's so sad. Here's to a quick recovery! We want our bubbly toddler back again!

Christmas Highlights

We had a crazy Christmas season, as I am sure everyone did. We got to visit all of our family, and miss O of course got spoiled rotten by everyone!
Here are her faves from different people

Grandpa got her a big fluffy chair and lots of cool books!

Santa brought her a baby 4-wheeler!

Nana and Papa got her a Yo Gabba Gabba boat that she didn't let go of!

Mimi and Poppy got her a baby and all the accessories.

She had a wonderful time, as did we all! Thanks again to everyone, for making this a blessed Christmas!

Cousin Samantha

Miss Olivia is very much in love with her new baby cousin Samantha! And her new baby dolls...