Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Potty Training, Day 5

Goal for today- to have at least one success, and spend the whole day in panties.

3 hours after waking up..... accident.

Put on a Pull Up (we told her they were panties), and ventured to the gym. Hysterics when I tried to get her to use the big toilet. Stayed dry the whole time.

3 hours after Accident #1, pee pee in the potty!! I told her we always go before nap, and sure enough, she went about 2 minutes after sitting down!! She was so happy for herself :)


Woke up wet. No more pee at all.

Mall trip. BIG FAIL. Brought the potty in the car. Sat, and sat, and sat. Nothing. Went in the public bathroom. Mental breakdown. Pee in the pull up, poop in the pull up. Oh well. Can't expect much from beong out for 3/4 hours.

Question of the day- what do we do about public bathrooms??? She has had two mental breakdowns just today about it! I know we are so early on, but still I had hoped it wouldn't be this bad.

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