Monday, September 6, 2010

The rest of the time...

Um, pretty sure O is 100% trained at home. Pee and poop. She has done SOOOOOOOO great. I cannot even believe it.

At church, she peed in her Pull Up. I tried to get her to go before she went into class, but no go.

Today at the zoo, she peed once in her Pull Up. After numerous attempts to get her to go with me on the big girl potty. She then proceeded to hold it for about 6 hours.... what a weird kid! Peed and pooped at nana's house.

Tomorrow, school. I have to put her in Pull Ups, which I am pretty sure she thinks are diapers. But I can't let them have to deal with pee puddles from my kid who will very not likely ask them to go, nor go on the potty there for some time. I hope it comes with time. But I don't expect it now. So Pull Ups it is for now :(

She asks us to go every single time. There are quite a few false alarms, but that is certainly ok. She will not go if we just make her sit. Again, I hope that comes with time, like going before a road trip, or things like that. But again, not #1 on the list. That is a goal I would like to meet by Thanksgiving, when we drive to my dad's.


Tomorrow's post- 1st day of school, and how long did Mommy cry---


  1. woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!! such a big girl! can't wait to hear all about her first day!

  2. Hey girl, I use photoshop to add my words but you can use other programs like "paint" too!