Sunday, July 10, 2011

Baby Led Weaning?

So I guess this is the new "thing" that is cool in parenting. Here is some info. Long story short, I guess you give baby "real" food and let them do with it what they want. There are no purees, and no spoon feeding. You just give the kid appropriate size chunks of food, and let them feed it to themselves. The idea being that a child will eat what they want/need/like, and they will eat as much of it as they need. Instead of the parent deciding how much to give the child, etc.

So I do like some things about this idea. I like that the child is getting hands on with the food. They are given the chance to feed themselves from day 1 (of solids) and that they really get to explore different foods. As you may or may not know, solid food is rather irrelevant for the first year, and breastmilk or formula is the main source of nutrition. Food prior to a year is really for practice, and learning to like other tastes and textures. So the amount of food they get is not really important, especially at the the beginning of weaning (6ish months).

The only thing I don't like is that you aren't "allowed" to feed baby from a spoon, or feed purees. I just don't like anything that has stringent rules like that.

So I like the idea of combining the two methods. I have always made my kiddos baby food, and have started making Ava's. She is just 5 months old now, so she hasn't eaten any of it, but it's in the freezer. Sweet potatoes, beets, green beans so far. And tonight, we did avocado, in the BLW form. She has been EXTREMELY interested in our food and drinks for the last few weeks. To the point it is almost difficult to eat a meal with her around because she is trying so hard to get our food. So,  we did it. And she loved it. I did put some in her mouth, and she did like it. That is also against the BLW rules :) But she also did manage to get some into her own mouth, and she seemed to have a lot of fun. And she kept her little grubby hands out of my food!

So mommas, what are your thoughts on it? And what do you plan to do?

Tomorrow, out to get sippy cups! My non-bottle loving child may just take breastmilk from a sippy! We will see! Would make my life a lot easier if she will actually drink milk when I am away....


  1. We do a combo of both. P gets purees for lunch and then for dinner she will get something to "play with" It does make FI uncomfortable that she may choke on the pieces, but I make everything large or small. I also just got a sippy cup this weekend and gave it to her with a bit of water to practice. It is a work in progress :)

  2. I'm with you on not loving the "rules". And to me, CHILD-LED and rules just seems a bit like an oxymoron. If you have rules then is it really child-led? See what I mean?
    Also, the rule of giving them different things and they will eat what they like/need/want is no different than feeding purees. Who forces their child to eat a certain amount and also foods they don't like? The "rules" for this method don't seem any different to me than what most everyone does.
    I've always been a big fan of child-led everything and of course that varies from kid to kid. I've had babies that needed baby food early and we began it at 5 months and I had other babies who did not so I felt it best to wait. Also, I had one kid so far who despised purees altogether and we skipped them and went straight to solids. So to me, child-led is doing what the child is telling you they need/want (as long as it is safe and appropriate). Forget any rules! Anyway, that's my take on it. :)

  3. Great post! We have an (almost) 4 month old son and are considered Baby-led Weaning. I agree with the previous comments about throwing rules out the window...and follow the child. What I look forward to most about BLW is having J eat the same meal we do. We're very big on family dinners (he already sits in his high chair with us) and BLW fits well with this!

    (New follower from, can't wait to read more from you and would love to continue this conversation!!!)