Friday, July 8, 2011

Living room FAIL

We have a playroom. It is upstairs. We have a kitchen. It is downstairs. As we all know, the kitchen is the heart of a home. So therefore, we end up downstairs about 80% of the time. The girls' rooms are upstairs, and ours is downstairs.

So all that to say, our living room houses a lot of toys. You can see that I *tried* at one time to organize the madness. There is a toybox (mine when I was a kid) and a shelf. There are baskets. And there is too much crap everywhere, regardless of said "organizing." Here are the issues.

1- The kid never looks in the baskets. They are mostly where I throw bits and pieces of stuff when I am cleaning up.
2- She never looks in the toybox. It is mainly there to keep things hid away that aren't being used at the time. But that means they are hidden away forever. Except once a month when she empties the whole thing cause she remembers that stuff is in there.
3- There is a giant cardboard house in my living room. She doesn't play with it right now. But if it went away, she would definitely notice.
4- There is just too much stuff. I can't get rid of anything, since I have a 5 month old who I, in theory, will never have to buy a single toy for. Ever.

Someone help! I HATE looking at all this stuff. I know some toys out with 2 kids is just inevitable. But this is ridiculous.

Oh, and did you notice the baby zone in the middle of the floor? Yeah.

The white side table to the left belongs in DD1's room. It just got delivered. So ignore that.

Mind you, yall, this is straightened up....


  1. I wish I could help, but this is our house only ours is even smaller. :( I'm so sick of shit, er, I mean toys EVERYWHERE.

  2. Melessa HirschhornJuly 8, 2011 at 1:49 PM

    Since we just lost our playroom and 1100 sq ft, I left over half her toys in the garage in plastic bins you can not see through. Some with drawers for craft supplies and the little pieces. When she wears out some of the ones in the house I will change them out. Also, after living out of six suitcases for two months I have found we have just too many. Giving some of them away might be noticed a day or two, but they forget fast.

  3. Hmmm, don't you have a large ottoman that goes with the couch? Matt's pretty handy, right? Have him take the top of the ottoman off and make it a hinge, and make the inside a large empty box to house all her toys. Get a sofa table to go along the back part of the sectional, either along the wall or along the other back side of the couch, and add baskets that all match that hide books, and small toys, dvds, and add some cute matching lamps! Wha la! And move everything else upstairs that she never uses or won't miss! Tell Matt to get busy!! :)

  4. I cant help too much because our house looks very similar. We have a very small home. What I did too keep it neat is have 1 basket of toys that is always n the living room, the rest are stored upstairs and each day he gets to ask for what he wants, or i will just pick and we play with that and then clean up at night. Im thinking of getting a storage ottoman, they have some nice cheap ones at walmart.