Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weathering the storm

For those of you who aren't in this area, you may not know that we had a huge band of storms and tornados come through on Monday. The girls and I were just getting up from naps, and were sitting on our bed changing Ava. I knew it was coming, and could see the black clouds, but thus far it wasn't even raining yet. All of the sudden, the strongest wind I have ever "seen" hit our bay windows. Olivia started screaming, and I grabbed both babies and ran as fast as I could into the interior bathroom. I saw siding flying by the windows as we ran, and saw the above picture as we ran by the back door.

Got into the bathroom and finished fastening the diaper, and tried to convince Olivia this was fun. Without much luck I should say. Nursed the baby in the bathroom and thankfully we had a few books in there for Olivia to read. (Hey, the kid likes to read while she goes to the bathrooom! "Mom, I need a book, I'm poopin!")

Numerous concerned phone calls later and we emerged from our hole. Tried to glance at the damage, but couldn't see much else just by looking out the windows. My heart started to break as I looked at that playset. It was destroyed. Matt and the grandparents built it for Olivia's first birthday, and we play on it every day. The mommy guilt in me came through, as I realized how terrible I feel for not being able to take Olivia to the park (can't handle both kiddos just yet), but she could always play out there. And now it was destroyed. And no way would Matt have time to fix it anytime soon. Between work, keeping up the house, and dealing with the girls, it would be months I was sure.

Filed an insurance claim with little hope that it would be covered. Oh yeah, there is roof and siding damage as well, by the way. Insurance guy calls me back Tuesday morning, and THANK GOD! It's going to be covered!!!! So we are getting the numbers together for the playhouse, and labor, and it will be covered! So hopefully in the next 2 weeks, we will have a brand new playset for them!!!

All that to say, God is good.

Uprighted with the neighbor's tractor. Still destroyed

Olivia playing with two pieces from the set. Cute picture, but really she was screaming mad for her Daddy, who had gone next door to return the tractor :)   


  1. Thank goodness that was all that happened. Glad you guys are ok! Mother nature has been crazy lately.