Friday, April 22, 2011

Bye bye pacs!

About 3 weeks ago I told Olivia that one day maybe she could take hers "pacs" to Build a Bear and put them in an animal she could sleep with. "No mommy, they stay in my bed," she told me.

Fast forward to last Wednesday. She woke up from her nap and I told her we were going to the mall, which she always loves. "Mommy!!!!! I need to get my pacs and put them in a bear to sleep with!!! Lemme go get them!" Uhhhhh, heart attack on my part.... calmly I say "OK! That will be so fun!" We talked about how that meant she couldn't put them in her mouth anymore. Apparently, this was ok. Mind you, sha hadn't used one at MDO in 2 weeks, so I had a feeling we were headed this way.

So we went, and she willingly did it! The first night took some tears, some extra stories and songs, but she went to sleep alone, without crying. Second night, no issues! First nap, some extra stories, and then she slept 2 hours!

I am so proud of her. It was waaayyyyy past due, and I'm so glad it went well!

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  1. I'm glad she got to let them go when she was ready for it! That is a special way to do it! :)