Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter- the hunts

Somehow, we ended up doing 3 different egg hunts this year! It was so much fun. Olivia is really at the best age for it! She is not yet super excited about eating candy, save for one or two pieces, and is just super into finding eggs.

Hunt 1- Her school/church hunt.
This may have marked one of the last times that Ava took a really long nap in the Moby...

Some friends from school, and adorable Olivia!

When we got home, we tried the Bumbo... may be a litttttle early!
Then there was the "club" egg hunt with Matt's family:
First picture of all 4 granddaughters together!

Probably cute <3


Then there was the egg hunt that I decided we needed to host for our friends! This will be a yearly tradition for sure!

This lasted about 5 minutes!

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