Monday, April 25, 2011

For serious now

It is time. Time to get back in shape. I pretty much hate looking in the mirror. I know I just had a baby. I know. I know. 3 months ago. So it's time. I am ready to get out, and make some progress. It is super hard with 2 kids, I won't lie. Super hard. But it has to be done. I am not ready to take Ava to the gym daycare yet, and likely won't be til summer. She just doesn't have a ton of awake/happy time, and she won't sleep in her carseat or anything like that. It's just too much trouble at this point. Probably around the 6 month mark we can make it work, when she doesn't nap nearly as much. In the meantime:

My Plan-

30 Day Shred for strength.
Walking/running as much as possible outside.

Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays- walk/run as long as I can with both girls til one loses it. 30 Day Shred
Tuesday/Thursdays- Walk/run as long as Ava will tolerate it (Olivia will be in school), hoping she will nap a little while in there, thus forcing me to go longer. 30 Day Shred
Saturday- Maybe see if I can do a class at the gym. I'll take Olivia so she can play, and daddy can have some Ava time (likely, she will be sleeping anyways!)

I am going to go all out here and post some numbers.... I need to see a change, and to see it "on paper" helps! And it's a good way to keep it all somewhere I won't lose it!

Weight- 152
Goal Weight- 130, really 125, but realistically I would love to get to 130

BMI- based upon height- 26.9, officially "overweight"
Goal- under 24.9

Waist- 41 inches
Hips- 41.5
Thigh- 22.5
Bust (uh, nursing boobs mind you....)- 40

Ew. It's gotta change.

Oh yeah- let's review the challenges of working out while nursing:
1- finding a sports bra that will hold the girls up securely. All the while, praying you don't get a clogged duct or mastitis from having them squeezed so hard for an hour.
2- Drinking tons of water
3- Keeping up your calorie intake so your supply doesn't decrease.
4- Trying to be "empty" before you work out each time.

Fun stuff.

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  1. i was just telling Matthew the same body is officially where it's going to be unless I start working out, so i guess that's mean I actually have to now. 1st step- buy jogging stroller 2nd step- actually use it!
    You can do it!