Wednesday, January 25, 2012

DIY cupcake tower

I can't pretend I figured this out on my own- I pinned it here, and I loved it! So I did it. And the best thing about it, I think, is that I can remove the ribbon on the edge, and replace it for the next party! So a $5 project should last me at least a few years.

So, here is my how-to. It is just about the same as the other lady's but maybe a few things are different.


2- 10 inch cake circles
2- 12 inch cake circles
2- 14 inch cake circles
Hot glue gun
2 soup cans
1 tuna can
cardstock (I used white, to be neutral for future parties, but you can get creative here)
ribbon of your choice

So first, cut the cardstock to the size of your can. Then hot glue one edge, as seen here. Pull it around the can, and hot glue at the seam. It is best if the ends overlap a bit, like 1/2 inch.

Do that with all three cans.

Then glue the circles together. White side out, on either side. (The other side is brown cardboard, not pretty.)

Then, using your largest circle, hot glue the edges of the tuna can to the board. Try our best to be centered. I'll say, I didn't measure or any of that nonsense, I mean come on, the baby was due to wake up at any moment, and my kid + a hot glue gun= disaster.

Oh, side note, try to make sure the seams of the cans are all in line. That way, you can turn the whole thingy and the seams will be at the "back" of your party table. Same goes with the ribbon, when you get there. 

Then on top of that, glue your first soup can. Then, glue the next size circle to the top of the soup can. Repeat for the top layer, with the second soup can.

Now, cut your ribbon to the length of your circle, again, leaving room for a bit of overlap. Do for all three levels. Hot glue to the edge of the circles. Go in like, 4 inch segments, so you have time to be sure the ribbon is level, and the glue doesn't dry before you get there.

Let me take this moment to tell you, I love the glue gun. And I hate it. Glue strings everywhere, I burn myself every.single.time. But dang, it makes some crafty stuff!
Then go get the baby. She woke up.
Voila! Gorgeous!!!!

Next, and most importantly, go to my ETSY store, and buy a handmade cake topper in your party theme! I have rainbow and ladybug listed, but just tell me what you need, and I can do it!

T minus 10 days til my bebe's first birthday, and party!



  2. I left you the link to my facebook cake/cake pops/cupcake/homemade candies/ and etc page!! I love this idea and it will help me out so much with my business! Thanks girly! Be sure to inbox me its you, I love your idea and compared to buying a $30 to $50 cake tower this is soooo much more easier not to mention definetly fits my pockets better, lol! LOVE IT!!