Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Toy Review- the Good and the Bad

I thought it would be fun to mention some of the girls favorite toys. There really aren't any that they didn't like at all, but I am sure there are a few negative things I can say about some of them.

Fish Tank
Olivia has been going through a "scared to death to go to bed" phase. This thing lights up like a runway, and she loves it. Good buy Grandpa!
This was a last minute add on by Santa, seeing as it was on sale. Both girls flipping love it. However, Daddy has taught Ava to um, jump off the side into his arms. And she does it even when he isn't right there.... so the trampoline is not out at all times anymore. It only gets brought out when one of us is 100% with them watching.
Live action shot :)
Sandwich Maker
Just an all around win. Both girls love it.
Winner. Baby loves it. Even big sister likes it!
Barbie Jeep
The Consignment Queen Santa found this for $75 and couldn't pass it up. It was a win. Duh. At first big sister wasn't too sure, but then loved it. We had a string of 60 degree days, and the girls both loved it. FYI- yes, we did walk right along side the 11 month old passenger :)

This it technically Ava's gift from Mimi and Poppy, but they both like it! Ava can already almost do the shape sorters :)

Award for Mommy's Favorite Gift goes to:
Uh, have you read this?! Holy moly. Grab the Kleenex my friends. Love it.

Olivia's Favorite Gift
Not even kidding. Pretty sure she hasn't put in down in almost 2 weeks.

Ava's Favorite Gift
Pretty basic. Just goes to show, it's not about the frills! Thanks to Grandpa Claus for this one!

That is really just a small dent in the stuff they got! It's always a little much when you really think about it, but I have to tell myself, they get toys twice a year. Christmas, and birthdays. We don't often buy them toys throughout the year. Sometimes, yes, but not very often. So it's nice to get new, age appropriate stuff, and get rid of some of the old!

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