Friday, March 11, 2011

It glows

Ava's skin. It reminds me of Edward Cullen in Twilight when he comes in to the light. Seriously though, I think there is little baby glitter in there somewhere. Somewhere in the midst of my first bedtime alone with both girls, we were sitting in Olivia's room reading books. Ava was in my arms, dozing for a few minutes. We must have been sitting in the perfect light because all I could see was the perfect baby skin on her perfect face. Glowing.

Shortly thereafter, Olivia started clapping over her head and saying something. She is very into us copying what she does and told me "do it mommy". So with baby in arms, I attempted to clap over my head and mumble something that sounded like what she was saying. "No mommy, PRAISE THE LORD! Like this!" Oh my sweet girl. Praise the Lord is right. For you, and your glowing sister, and the opportunity I have each day to put you both to bed for the night.

In an unrelated picture, I was so happy to be able to give Olivia a bath this morning. It's been a while, in the madness of new baby. I missed it


  1. Hello from your newest follower!! I linked to you from the bump...I think it will be fun to watch out girls grow up together - they are the same age!