Monday, October 24, 2011

Oh How Pinteresting

I got sucked in. It was inevitable. But I swear I may be a better mom because of it. It's Pinterest. It's amazing. My favorite things to "do" on there. Arrange the girls' Christmas lists. Arrange mine.... Look for crafty toddler ideas. New recipes. Crafty/home stuff. Fun Christmas ideas. That is my main thing so far. Oh, and Ava's birthday party planning. Cause you know, she's 8 months old, and the party is like, practically tomorrow.

So here are some things I have done. I have done more, but not taken pictures of it all.

Buffalo Chicken slow cooker thing. It was good, but spicy! I need to reduce tha amount of wing sauce next time, for sure!

 Some idea to keep the toddler busy for a while. It worked pretty well!
 "Arm" fall trees. Super cute!
 Stinking adorable idea <3 Taking a picture of your girls in your wedding dress. Perhaps replicating it with their own wedding! Like this one, of me and Olivia. Pretty sure we will have that same picture taken at her wedding. In 45 years.....

So time sucker though it is, I love it!

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