Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Favorite Things!

I stole this idea from some other bloggers, and thought I would share with you guys what I am loving right now in my life!

Yes To Carrots shampoo and conditioner. I got some fun $$ for early Christmas, and decided to splurge on some new stuff for me at Target. At $2 something for the sample, I wanted to be sure I liked it before buying the real deal! LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

On same said shopping trip....
Facial wipes, Yes To Cucumber. The smell is to die for, especially in mid-winter. I LURVED face wipes like this when I was in the hospital having Olivia, and I knew that is a must have for my hospital bag this time around.

This is actually Ava's.... but who are we kidding? She doesn't need it yet! I have had chronic congestion since becoming pregnant. The winter season is making it 800 times worse. This seems to put a dent in my issues while sleeping. With it, I sleep 70%, without it, maybe 40%. So I'll take it!

My chiropractor.... I love him more than life itself sometimes. I go once a week right now, and may increase that as we get closer to Ava's delivery. Sleep before- 30%, sleep since beginning care- 90%. Here is an article about the benefits during pregnancy.

Oh and my fancy stretch mark cream.... I swear this stuff has been a lifesaver! I have no new stretch marks and the ones from Olivia, I swear they have faded. With 6 weeks left, I know there is still plenty of time to get them, but in the meantime, I am in love!