Sunday, December 12, 2010

Aunt Kay-Kays wedding!!

Olivia and I were blessed to participate in my BFF Katie's wedding last weekend. It was exhausting, being 32 weeks pregnant, but oh so worth it! We are so happy for her and her family!

Olivia was a flower girl, and on Friday for the rehearsal, she looked just adorable, as you can see:
Which did not make up for the fact that she was having NOTHING to do with getting down that aisle. To be expected. Maaaajor meltdown. So I hung it up. Sent her home with my mom and assumed that there was no way on earth she would do it on Saturday.

So Matt brought her to meet us at the church on Saturday, and again, she looked adorable!

And I looked, well, like a very pregnant bridesmaid.... :)

So she played with us while we were getting ready, and really attached herself to the other flower girl, who was about 5. I asked her at one point, and she said she wanted to be the flower girl with Taylor, so I thought we would give it a shot. Left her in the care of the other mom while I went down the aisle. Waited......

Lo and behold, my tiny 2 year old comes walking down the aisle, looking perfect, and perfectly dropping her flower petals on the floor. Didn't look up once to see mom, dad, or Mimi. Cue me crying.... like almost ugly crying. I had to distract myself since after all, this wasn't my daughter's wedding :)

What a day!!! She was so perfect and Matt and I were so extremely proud of her!

Course, then there was cake... and it was yummy! Too bad I didn't get any pictures of the bride and groom!

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