Sunday, August 14, 2011

Organize It Sunday

I just invented that. Like it? Really though, just got home from Target and then lunch at Cracker Barell (yumness). The Target trip was spurned by this:
OK? Making me crazy. DVDs, markers, egg carton caterpillar. Really. Let's make this look a tiny bit better.

So I did this:
So I got a CD case at Target and $100 worth of other "necessities" that's the only thing I bought, and put all of the DVDs in it. I threw allll the cases away, and somehow that made me feel like I was breaking some kind of rule. But anyhow:

That's better. And it took like, 10 minutes. All those DVDs are in that tiny little black thing to the right. Nice.  Next week, this:
How could you find anything in here?! I can't. I can't cook either, but I am trying to learn, with 2 small people underfoot. It's slow going. But maybe if I organize my spices, I can take my little Rachel Ray magazine and make something yummy!

Hold your horses til next week. I know y'all are waiting with bated breath!

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