Monday, August 29, 2011

My Big Girl is 3!!

Yeah, ok, that happened like, 4 weeks ago... but I need to share her party pics! We had a great time! This year's theme was "bugs". I am a little bit of an extreme party planner, and this year was "toned down" from years past. It was hot as blazes, my dear sweet birthday girl pooped in her kiddie pool, the $80 birthday cake got eaten by the dogs, and the replacement cupcakes had NEON green icing (add in 15 three year olds- whoa), and my baby screamed a good part of the party, but seriously, we still had a blast!

Let the pictures do the talking...

In sequential order...

Ohhhh gorgeousness!

Seriously, you should have seen my face. It wasn't good.

Putting balloons on the mailbox! Note the adorable shirt- there are bugs on her name!!

Only pic of them together at all. Ava's romper has butterflies on her name!

Post-poop in the other kiddie pool. We didn't let anyone in it after that :)

Eating Grandpa's famous pork barbecue!

Still cute, but they are no fondant ladybug!

Multiply this effect. It only got worse...

Holy spoiled child!

Bike from Grandpa! I give her another year til she "gets' it...

Sweet picture of us all on her actual birthday
Happy Birthday to the girl who made me a mother!

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