Friday, November 5, 2010

Vintage Friday

2 years ago this month!!! Um, was she this small ever??! Oh yeah. Also funny the way 2 years later you look at baby pictures and think how cute and sweet they were. Then you remember that you hadn't slept in 4 months, your house was a wreck, you were taking Zoloft and you spent most of your time holding a napping baby that wouldn't lay down..... :) I love mom-nesia! Thank goodness for it, otherwise no one would ever have more kids!

And something I am working on---- a family tree! I am going to put this in the hallway upstairs outside of the girls' rooms.

Should look something like this. But not. No red leaves or black trunk. I am thinking no leaves, and light brown trunk. It will be on chocolate brown background. I'm going to paint it, cause I just can't see buying the decal for $50 or more. I am excited! Gotta get pictures from the whole fam-damily now! Working on that!

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