Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Traditions

As my first daughter has gotten older, I have decided to instill some traditions around Christmas that will be fun for years to come. Here are some that we have started!

Oh yeah, you know you like my Christmas card display technique :)

 Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls. AKA- the best thing ever invented. With a LOT of butter. They are amazing! Olivia got to stay up late one night to help me do it.
Salt dough ornaments. I wrote the date on the best 5 or so, and figure we will make some each year. It was really easy, and super fun!

This Christmas was amazing! I will try to make a few posts about it, then we'll move on to my New Year's resolutions, once of which is to blog at least 3 times a week! And maybe spend some effort on trying to get some new followers. We shall see!


  1. What are salt dough ornaments? They are adorable!

  2. It's just salt and flour and water mixed together. You make them like cookies and bake them, and they come out hard as rocks. It was fun and easy!