Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Express Happy House Challenge Plus Week 2

I am linking up again with My Happy House for the challenge! It has really been good to have some direction to getting things super clean and orderly. So the challenge this week was the dining area. This was a little easier than last week, but of course I still didn't get it all done :( Oh well! It is still better!

Let's all keep in mind that I work at home, painting for my ETSY shop. So this table is my work space. So no matter what, this area will always have some clutter. I have no idea where else to set up, so until that happens, here it will be. 

Before- this picture makes me really want to change my light fixture. It's so bleh. I didn't put it there, but I never gave it much thought until now...

I added this to my challenge. It is a little cabinet under my island, and it is filled with crap, as you can see.



The daily challenges were to pick up one room of the house each night, and sweep the floors. Well, I feel like I got to opt out of those because I already did it. I sweep every day and mop almost every day. These dark bamboo floors, 2 dogs, crawling baby, 3 year old, enough said. And as far as picking up a room each night, I straighten the living area/kitchen every night before bed already. I can't stand waking up to toys, dishes, etc. So I vote 7/7 for me on completing that!

This week, it's bathrooms...... 3 full baths for me..... this will be fun :(~ But it needs to be done!

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  1. Amazing work! The dining room looks great. And woo hoo for last week's daily task being a breeze for you. I'm dreading the bathrooms too, but take some comfort that we're all in it together! :)