Sunday, June 5, 2011

Totally MIA

Yes, that has been me. I don't know what happened, but life with two kids, 100% of the time (aka, preschool is out for summer) takes a lot of time. I love it, and I wouldn't have it any other way. But to steal a memory from another girl's blog, sometimes I do feel like Charlotte in Sex and the City II, when she goes into the closet and screams. Except, I do not have a nanny to then whisk my children away and give me peace for a little while.

I think those days happen about once a week around here. Which isn't really too bad, I don't think. What on earth do I get frustrated about? Probably feeling like I can't be everything both girls need me to be. Ava is obviously requiring a lot, since she is only 4 months old. But Olivia requires a lot, because she is 3. Just totally different stuff. I do have to remember to be grateful that I am literally giving them almost 100% of my time, and that a lot of kids don't get that from mom (NOT bashing moms who don't SAH. At all.).

On the brighter side, summer is here. And it's really here. Like 93+ every day this week. We got a pool, as a hand me down from our neighbor. We don't get to use it quite as much as I'd like, since I can't really handle 2 kids on my own in the water, and it's too hot for Ava to just sit in the shade or something. Plus, who are we kidding, not like she'd hang out by herself for longer than 5 minutes anyways!

So we take advantage of it when Matt is home, and when Ava is napping. Olivia is a fish, for real. That reminds me, I need to check into swimming lessons. She always runs around saying "I can swim!" ummmmm, no, you can't. You can float around and kick your feet while you are wearing your Puddlejumper floaty. I don't want her flinging herself into Papa's pool declaring "I can swim!" And then, well, not swimming.

I am currently working on Ava's naps. She has been napping in her swing, which honestly, doesn't even work that well. She takes 30 minute naps all day, and one long 2-3 hour one. Usually. But I cannot be toting that swing around everywhere we go, and plus, she is trying to sit up in it. No good. So to the crib it is. I really only started yesterday. She will nap about 30 minutes in the crib, which is the same, so I guess that's good. I'll admit, when it was time for the long nap, I threw that baby in the swing, yes ma'am I did. Hey, both girls nap at the same time then. I mean, who's to mess with that?! Maybe she would do it in her crib too, I don't know. I vow to try by the end of the week.....

That said, here is what Ava's up to.

 baby crunches.all.the.time. Abs of steel, yes sir.
And this noise.... cute, but so loud!

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