Sunday, May 16, 2010

CSA score!

Spring is prime time for salad greens, so that is what we got a lot of in our box this week. Fine with me!

We also got one kohlrabi, which I was absolutly at a loss for what to do with. I mean, look at this thing! What is it?? It smelled horrible when I cut into it, and I chose not to vom everywhere by trying it raw.  But what do I hear in a tiny little toddler voice? "Bite, bite!" And she ate it. Kid is friggin weird. Whatev.

Used this recipe, and cut up our one bulb to force upon poor pregnant Devon for dinner.  It was awesome. Tasted like broccoli stem a bit. Needless to say, I will make this again, and I hope we get a bunch more! Oh, and we had ribeye. Yummo. And so awesome to know that it came from right here in the area, and no weird and wonky stuff added. Feeling healthier already!

I will admit, I was scared that I wouldn't eat all this stuff. Basically, the idea that we paid for it, and it's sitting in there, and an adorable local farm person picked it with their own two hands, MAKES me want to eat it. And so, all we have left is a few strawberries, and one ribeye. And the next pickup isn't til Wednesday!

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